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Love Spills In Mysterious Ways

ONE:		You haven’t...
ANOTHER:	I know.
ONE:		I’m just saying.
ANOTHER:	You don’t need to.
ONE:		I’m just saying, that’s all.

	Silence. Someone walks past.

ANOTHER:	If I wash my hands then he’s gone.
ONE:		He went hours ago.
ANOTHER:	I know.
ONE:		I’m just saying.
ANOTHER:	Stop saying you’re just saying.
ONE:		You can’t walk around with dried blood on your hands.
ANOTHER:	Who said anything about walking. I’m numb.
ONE:		You need to go.
ANOTHER:	I can’t.
ONE:		You need to.
ANOTHER:	I loved him, like a brother.
ONE:		He hated you.

	Silence. A nurse walks past

ANOTHER:	I still love him.

	A door opens. People tumble in.

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