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Circles Can Become Loose


I couldn’t tell if you were crying or if it was sweat trickling down. It was raining outside and I knew this because you told me so. You let the words tumble out of your mouth as if they were the first things you’d said. My eyes kept looking at you but my mouth was saying nothing. I think that’s what hurt the most. I’d gone from saying nothing to imagining everything. It meant nothing. We’d been here before with you choosing to stare out and me opting to look at you when you’re unaware. Last time we were upstairs in the old house, this time we were downstairs in the hotel. Each time we make this merry dance, this exchange with words and no words. And we never really position the full stop to land anywhere in particular otherwise we’d really have to think about what came next. Tears, sweat, rain, words. Swept away for another day. Repeat in ___ months. Location optional.


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